Where is that stretchy fertile mucus she is supposed to have?  And her basal temperatures are all over the place.  Cheryl knows she is supposed to be using her signs of ovulation to help with trying to conceive, but they have not been helpful.   She and Joe really want a baby, and have not used any birth control for almost a year.  But she still hasn’t gotten pregnant.  What is going on?

What are 3 Ways to Improve My Signs of Ovulation?

Start is by focusing on improving your overall health.   Three very important factors include:

3 Ways to Improve Signs of Ovulation

  1. Healthy Digestion
  2. Managing Stress
  3. Normal Blood Sugar

Healthy Digestion means that you do not have digestive symptoms.  No diarrhea, constipation, heartburn, indigestion, bloating, pain, nausea, burping or gas.  It also means you are not taking any medications to suppress any of these symptoms.

Stress has many effects on our physiology that are not healthy.  The stress response will take priority over procreation and decrease our fertility.  Our body believes that survival is more important, and knows such an environment may not be healthy for a child.

Blood sugar is tightly regulated by our hormones and kept within a very narrow range.  You should not be having symptoms such as sweet and carb cravings, irritability, difficulty thinking or feeling light-headed.  Eat a healthy diet with plenty of aninal fats to avoid this problem.  Absolutely avoid white sugar and white flour.

A healthy diet is the foundation for our health.  Our food provides the necessary vitamins and minerals for all of the functions of our body.  This includes normal signs of ovulation, indicating healthy fertility.

To Your Vibrant Health!
Veronica Tilden, DO