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These links will provide information to help you have more vibrant health

Dr. Tilden is always on the lookout for products, services and resources that fit with a healthy, natural lifestyle. Each of the links on this page have been carefully researched. You can use them with confidence.

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The Six Lifestyle Factors for Fertility
Course created by Dr. Tilden to help couples wishing to regain vibrant health, get pregnant, and have a healthy baby.  Now available at the New Biology Curriculum.


Restoring Male Fertility article
A comprehensive article written by Dr Tilden that explains the basics of male fertility, what can disrupt it, and presents simple ways to improve your health and regain that fertility


US Wellness Meats
High quality pasture raised and grass fed animal products
Dr Cowans Garden
Nutritionally powerful vegetable powders, meat boxes, ghee, and more
Vital Choice Wild Seafood
A trusted source for some of the world’s finest wild seafood harvested from healthy, well-managed wild fisheries
Ancient Organics Ghee
Ghee is clarified butter and considered the best fat one can eat in the Ayurvedic tradition. This product is made using ancient traditional methods with organic pastured butter.
Celtic Sea Salt
Sea salts that are naturally harvested from the ocean according to traditional methods, assuring that all of the nutritious natural minerals remain intact
The Weston A. Price Foundation
Accurate information on nutrition and health, always aiming to provide the scientific validation of traditional foods

Information Resources and Groups

Center for Traditional Osteopathy
Find a physician using the Principles and Practice of Traditional Osteopathy
The Osteopathic Cranial Academy
Find an physician trained in Osteopathy in the Cranial Field
Wild Fermentation Uncensored
A facebook page where you can share information, pictures, experience, and ask questions regarding all fermentation related topics

Nontoxic Personal Care Products

Vintage Tradition
Whole body natural skin care using tallow and olive oil.  Completely natural





Just Thrive
A unique spore based probiotic carefully formulated with highly effective, safe and verified Bacillus strains
Contains 14 strains of beneficial bacteria.  Bio-Kult Probiotic is often the recommended probiotic for those following the Gut and Psychology Syndrome Diet (GAPS)


Naturespirit Herbs Sea Vegetable Blend capsules
Hand harvested seaweeds, including four Brown seaweed species and two Red seaweed species.  Great source of minerals, including iodine, and providing a broad spectrum of nutritional and therapeutic benefits.


Whole Food Supplements

Cod Liver Oil
Green Pasture Cod Liver Oil & Concentrated Butter Oil
(aka Blue Ice Royal Blend)
Corganic Rosita Extra-Virgin Cod Liver Oil (EVCLO)
Corganic Rosita Extra-Virgin Cod Liver Oil (EVCLO) Softgels


The Synergy Company Pure Radiance C
A 100% natural form of vitamin C made from camu camu and organic acerola with antioxidant-rich organic berries and fruits