Can you change your attitude?

The things that we are stressed about often cannot be changed.  However, our reaction to those things can.  Do you need an attitude adjustment?

My patient “John” has a severe illness and is very happy and full of life.  He always has kind words to offer and something he is grateful for.  In contrast my patient “Julie” has a relatively minor complaint, and is full of anger and fear.  She constantly has excuses about why she can’t get better, and she is not enjoying her life.  Notice when you are in one or the other of these roles.  You  have more control over your attitude than you may realize.

Can you change your attitude?

  • Know that every thought you have elicits a response from your environment
  • Your create your reality through your thoughts
  • Recognize that every situation has a purpose for you
  • Choose an attitude of curiosity and gratitude rather than a victim

In quantum physics it is known that the simple act of observation (attitude) influences the behavior of subatomic particles.  The mere intention of measuring particles will affect them without even actually doing anything.   This principle is as true of your life as it is of subatomic particles.  Every thought you put out elicits a response from the quantum universe.  This means that your thoughts actually create your reality. Things do not arbitrarily happen to you.

It is your natural state of being, your actual birthright, to be happy, at peace, and filled with joy.  You are the creator of your life, and you would not have brought anything into your life without purpose.  It is not your reality, but your negative response to it, that I invite you to change.  Remember, every experience has a gift within it.  From this possibility, there is an opening to change your attitude.  You could choose to look at the same situation with curiosity and gratitude.

Why do you even want to change your attitude?  First, simply because it feels better.  Would you rather be an angry victim, or a curious seeker of wisdom?  Remember the two patients I described at the beginning.  Which one would you rather spend time with?

You have the ability to apply these ideas to anything in your life that you may want to look at differently.  You just have to remember to do it.  If you allow your first decision to be that your life is wonderful, any time you start to feel otherwise, that will be a reminder to realign your attitude.  Choose an attitude of love.

To Your Vibrant Health!

Veronica Tilden, DO