How Do I Protect Myself From Radiation Sickness?

Major media sources report that Japan could be facing a disaster after last Friday’s earthquake and tsunami damaged its Fukushima nuclear power plant.  The nuclear explosion that occurred is probably a byproduct of heat or pressure buildup in the reactor core.  This raises concerns for a nuclear meltdown, where the nuclear material melts right through the thick metal shield that contains the reactor.  If this should happen it would be a disaster, spilling highly radioactive materials into the environment.

Japan’s nuclear energy agency reports that measures of radiation outside the plant are higher than legal limits, but that they were not dangerously high as of March 14.  Nevertheless, officials evacuated all residents living within 20 kilometers (about 12.5 miles) of the plant.

The jet stream winds will carry any radioactive material to the west coast of North America.  Jacqueline Williams, vice president of the Radiation Research Society, claims that by the time any radiation travels 5,000 miles across the ocean it would be dispersed and greatly weakened.  Little is being said about the difference between the current relatively minor leaks, and the risks of a worst-case nuclear meltdown and further nuclear explosion.  Let us all pray this does not happen.

We do not know what will happen. This fact is actually true every day of our life. The important thing is to be calm, and prepare as best you can.

How Do I Protect Myself from Radiation Sickness?

  • Stay informed about the current situation
  • Secure a source of potassium iodide if possible
  • Eat seaweed
  • Drink miso soup
  • Focus on Radical Nutrition
  • Take good care of your overall health

Stay informed.  I will post significant developments here on this site.  You can go to Radiation Network at, a site that will give you current radiation levels in the United States.  Background levels in San Francisco are currently 24-30 CPM (counts per minute).  The alert level is 126-130 CPM.

Be ready with Potassium Iodide (CLICK HERE to buy)Remember, you do not want to take a high dose of potassium iodide until 24 hours before an expected high radioactive exposure. For dosing instructions read the previous article  “Urgent: How do I Prevent Radiation Sickness from Japan Fallout?


If you have a good supply of iodine/iodide such as Iodoral on hand, take about 12 mg/day.  This covers your daily needs and helps keep your iodine sites bound with non-radioactive iodine, thus protecting you.

Eat seaweed, such as kelp, dulse and nori.  They contain small amounts of iodine, and many other nutrients and co-factors that help protect us.  Ideally, choose those harvested from clean water and certified free of heavy metals. Research shows that sea vegetables contain a polysaccharide substance, called sodium alginate, which selectively binds radioactive strontium and eliminates it from the body.

Drink miso soup.  History have proven it to be very effective in helping prevent radiation sickness.  The Japanese have  done research to identify the presence of an active ingredient called zybicolin which acts as a binding agent to detoxify and eliminate radioactive elements, such as strontium.

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  • Fat soluble vitamins (vitamins A, D, E and K2)
  • Minerals

The best food sources include high quality animal products – shellfish, eggs, fish eggs, organ meat (liver), grass fed meat, butter and other dairy products from grass fed animals.  Choose organic vegetables grown in mineral rich soil. Seaweed is also high in minerals.

Avoid the junk foods that provide only calories and lack the important nutrition that you body needs to protect and heal itself.  Avoid toxins that you body must process at the expense of more important functions.

Take good care of your overall health

  • Have a good attitude
  • Have a purpose, make a difference for someone
  • Excercise
  • Quality sleep

If you have been caught flat-footed and do not have a source of iodine, do all of the other things diligently.  And keep a good attitude.  Read the article  “Can You Change Your Attitude?”  Remember your spiritual connection, whatever that is for you.

These are some of the principles that support your vibrant health, and will thus help protect you from radiation sickness if the unfortunate circumstance of exposure arises.  Hopefully it will not, and you will have improved your health just to be enjoyed.

Be cautious if you have Hashimoto’s Disease.  Of course, a true iodine allergy is also a problem. This is rare.  An allergy to radioactive iodine dye does not necessarily mean there is an allergy to inorganic iodine/iodide (such as Iodoral).  Most allergies are not life-threatening.  An allergy can take any form, including rash, fatigue, congestion, headache and fever.  Ideally a suspected iodine allergy has been challenged before such an urgent situation arises.  Talk to your physician if you have concerns.

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To Your Vibrant Health!

Veronica Tilden, DO