Can Your Thoughts Affect Your Vibrant Health?

Faith has been noticing how discouraged she feels lately, and is wondering if she will ever feel really relaxed and full of  joy again.   She can feel the effects of this funk on her sense of health and well being, and wants to get out of it.  She decided to go looking for some ideas to help her regain the feeling of vibrant health.

That is just what this talk is about.  Listen now, and especially listen again when you have time to sit quietly and really let these ideas in.  It contains information, and a special technique to help you change your attitude, and what you choose to focus on.    If you focus on love and gratitude you can imagine how much better that will feel than anger or negativity.

The guided visualization and relaxation offer a way to connect with something positive, or at least acceptance, in even very difficult or stressful situations in your life.  It is also a reminder that such unique and helpful ideas may come to you, and should be honored and applied in your life.

Reclaim your natural state of being – to be happy, at peace and filled with joy!  Remember, this state supports your health and rejuvenation.  And better health always supports your fertility if you are trying to conceive.

To Your Vibrant Health!

Veronica Tilden, DO




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